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    Workshops & Seminars

    Practical Application of Chinese Medical Principles to our Lives

    Movement is essential for our health. Many of our bodily systems rely upon movement for their proper functioning. The Chinese have developed specialised exercises to maintain the proper functioning of the human body.

    With the advent of unnatural styles of living we have become accustomed to e.g. sitting at a desk for several hours a day, working under prolonged stress where the fight or flight mechanism operates for much of our lives without us ever ‘coming down’.

    Chinese therapeutic exercise works differently to modern types of western exercise, which often concentrates upon the cardiovascular system and the visual aspect of muscles, which often results in contracted muscles and closed joint spaces. Chinese therapeutic exercise seeks to lengthen muscles, open joints and encourage the free circulation of Qi and blood throughout the whole body, not just the muscular frame but also the internal organs.

    T’ai Chi & Chi Kung

    We offer a range of bespoke workshops the format of which can be altered to suit your needs, options range from; one off presentations, to a series of classes suitable for absolute beginners or more advanced students.

    During practice, the student learns to actually feel the subtle circulations within their body. Anyone who has seen the amazing demonstrations of physical prowess of elderly Shaolin monks will understand the incredible potential of such exercises.

    Please see the section on T’ai Chi and Chi Kung.


    The Dystonia Society

    At the meeting of the Lincolnshire Dystonia Support Group in April 2010 Sean Barkes gave a presentation on the benefits to both mind and body which can be gained through the regular practice of Chi Kung or Qigong. He explained the importance of the ‘Chi life forces’  flowing within the body and how the stresses and strains of daily life can cause the flow of Chi to stagnate, thus causing problems with our physical and mental well-being.

    Following his presentation our group members participated in a few gentle exercises and breathing routines to give us a ‘taster’ session. The exercises were very calming and relaxing and our members were very enthusiastic that Chi Kung could be very beneficial in helping them to cope with the painful and debilitating effects of dystonia.

    Sean’s depth of knowledge, belief and passion for what he does is a great inspiration.

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