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    Because of a temporary hiatus in the regulatory framework for herbal medicine in the UK, we are not currently prescribing herbs. However, we work closely with a Chinese herbal specialist when we feel our patients would benefit from such treatment.

    However, we would still like you to know how we would usually work.

    Sometimes it is necessary to use herbs with certain conditions, either in isolation or in conjunction with other therapies such as acupuncture. The herbs we use at our clinic are in pill form for convenience. Many of the components of the formulae we use would already be found in our diet e.g. angelica, ginger, dates etc.

    We obtain our herbs from Quality assured sources. The GMP (Generally accepted Manufacturing Procedures) standard is used to ensure the safety of each formula when used by a professional. The very few cases, that have been reported in the West, of problems caused by Chinese herbal formulae were not herb issues at all, but manufacturing issues and involving products purchased from inferior suppliers. In comparison to orthodox drugs, Chinese herbal formulae are extremely safe.

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