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The healing modalities which we practice at the Sean Barkes Clinic have been used to understand all sorts of skin diseases for thousands of years.  Since, usually, what is happening on the surface – the skin – reflects what is happening on the inside, our approach to skin problems is a holistic one.

When you come to see us, we will be interested, of course, in what your skin problem looks like, what it feels like to you, how it affects your life, but also we will be interested in every other aspect of your health and wellbeing.  This is because we want to fully understand why there is a problem on the skin, how this relates to what is happening inside – with your circulation, or digestion, for instance – and how best to restore harmony so that not only does your skin improve, but your overall health gets better, so that further outbreaks of the skin problem are less likely to occur.

Please click on the links on the left hand menu to read about specific conditions.  The list is not exhaustive but gives you an idea of how we approach skin problems generally.

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Skin Diseases

Alfie Borrill (c/o Alice Borrill)

Alice is happy for her full name to be used against Alfie’s testimonial (as it is written from her perspective).

My son (4 years old) was suffering with an unpleasant skin infection; Molluscum Contagiosum. After 2 months of visits to the GP and numerous antibiotics the spots did not improve. His torso and arms were covered in red, inflamed itchy lesions. Not only were they infected but he had developed an eczema-type reaction around the Mollusca.

After 2 sessions of acupuncture and some cream (prescribed by Sean, which looked like mud! My son loved it!) his spots started to fade and after the 3rd session they had gone .Two weeks on there are only faint red marks left where the spots were. But they have definitely gone!! He looks fantastic!

Sean was very good with my son and made him laugh and giggle during the treatment. Sean has a secret supply of toys which helped my son to relax.

My son is only 4 years old but he understands that the acupuncture has helped him. He is now back at swimming lessons and a very happy little boy.

I can’t thank Sean enough for his help. I just wish I had gone to see him earlier. I won’t wait so long next time!

The Sean Barkes Clinic does not claim to cure any conventional medical disease states.  Traditional Chinese Medicine seeks to re-establish and maintain the harmonious function of the human body-mind using tried and tested principles that have been discovered and matured over millennia.  A Western medical diagnosis provides very little by way of insight in informing a Chinese Medical diagnosis.  Patients usually recognise their own condition in terms of the medical disease category that they have been given by their GP or other conventional medical practitioner.  The research presented here is merely an indication of the potential to draw parallels between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Western Medicine.

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