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    Standard Charges:

    Initial Consultation & Treatment £48.00 (Appointment duration up to 90 mins.)
    Follow-up Consultation & Treatment £39.00 (Appointment duration up to 60 mins.)

    Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment methods we frequently use are acupuncture, acupressure, tuina (massage), gua sha (massage), moxibustion (heat treatment) and cupping therapy. Acupuncture is not always used, particularly if you are needle-phobic or have a condition or medication that is not suited to acupuncture.

    Children under 15:

    Initial Consultation & Treatment  £48.00 Appointment duration: 90mins
    Daily or bi-daily treatments  £15.00 Appointment duration: 15mins
    Follow-up Consultation & Treatment  £39.00 Appointment duration: 45mins

    NB. For optimum benefit from treatment, it is recommended that parents bring their children for treatment every day or every other day, for a 15 minute appointment, but 45 minute appointments should also be attended at regular intervals in order that the practitioner can fully review the child’s progress.

    Cancellation fee:

    Less than 24 hours notice given 50% of Standard Fee
    Non-attendance Full consultation and/or treatment fee

    Initial appointment charges include a full consultation, formulation of a treatment plan, and a treatment. Please note that if you do not wish for treatment to be administered at your first appointment, the full fee is still payable.

    Personal Wellbeing Plans (PWPs):

    Priced as Block Bookings – see Discounts Page.

    * cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

    100%, No Quibble, Money-back Guarantee:

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