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    Imagine being able to work in an environment where your development, both professional and personal, is seen as integral to the running of the business, where every member of the team, whether administration and support or clinical staff, is valued for themselves as well as for their work.

    Imagine working in a place where the corporate vision is ‘Helping people feel better, achieve more and lead happier lives’.

    Qualified Clinicians

    We are always on the lookout for highly skilled clinicians. So, if you feel you have what it takes, please contacts Sean at

    Internship for Acupuncture Students


    Historically, The Sean Barkes Clinic has had an informal relationship with the University of Lincoln Acupuncture degree course, having offered the opportunity for clinical observation to students from all years on a free of charge basis. This has been a mutually beneficial arrangement whereby students gained valuable clinical experience in a busy real life clinic environment whilst clinicians were encouraged to articulate clinical reasoning to a third party whilst delivering their service. Over the years, The Sean Barkes Clinic has subsequently employed 3 of these students as clinical staff as a result of this relationship.

    The Sean Barkes Clinic is now in need of further resource to cover a range of activities and so wish to capitalise upon our current relationship with the University. This way, we hope to further benefit students whilst increasing our clinics ability to service clients’ clinical and administrative needs.

    This will be a paid role attracting all the normal benefits of employment such as holiday pay

    Future Employment Prospects

    Growth has always been a primary business goal The Sean Barkes Clinic. With this in mind, employment opportunities may come about from time to time. Whilst, employment subsequent to qualification cannot be guaranteed, students who have already worked at the clinic will gain an obvious advantage, when applying for work, compared to other potential candidates who have no prior relationship with the clinic.


    All students who are interested in applying for the role should contact Sean Barkes, Clinical Director for the Sean Barkes Clinic by email at requesting a roles specification. It is likely that more than one position will be available.

    Applicants should provide a letter of application, explaining why they might be ideal for the role together with a CV and references

    What our Team Says

    “Being an acupuncturist can often be a lonely profession with little or no contact with other practitioners except for occasional conferences or regional British Acupuncture Council Meetings.

    The Sean Barkes Clinic offers the opportunity to work in a busy vibrant clinic with other practitioners and support staff.  Frequent interaction with colleagues and formalised systems of professional development allow for growth and advancement that would be difficult to achieve for most loan practitioners.

    Knowing that there is always a friendly colleague to talk to and being able to draw on the accumulated and diverse knowledge of a group makes working at The Sean Barkes Clinic a pleasure as well as a rare opportunity for continued professional and personal development.”

    Austin Austin – Acupuncturist

    “As an acupuncturist practising Traditional Chinese Medicine, I find myself in a very privileged position.  Meeting wonderful, interesting people and having the time to listening to them, hearing about their lives and the problems they face is a rewarding and humbling experience.

    To practice my profession in an environment where I can find support, intellectual curiosity and a friendly hug is such a fantastic experience that I challenge anybody to find a better place to work.”

    Jan Taylor – Acupuncturist

    “There are lots of good things, for me, about working here at the Sean Barkes Clinic, but in a way the thing I like the most is almost intangible. It is something like the atmosphere, or even the ‘vibe’, of the place. I think this must be something which has built up over the years. In Chinese Medicine it is often said that the ‘intention’ of the therapist is crucial in any healing process, by which is meant that their state of mind needs to be focused and purposeful as they administer treatment. There is a world of difference between someone mechanically and routinely inserting a needle into you, and someone doing it with their awareness extended to the tip of the needle, with their intention focused on achieving a particular therapeutic effect with that needle.

    So over the years that the clinic has been open there must have been thousands and thousands of these kinds of moments, with an acupuncturist giving their best attention to what they are going, focusing their mind on the needle, aiming to restore balance and health to their patient. Maybe these moments leave some kind of subtle trace; something builds up over time, like cairns on mountains which are built up by people putting a rock on as they pass. It is a bit like going into a room which has been used by people meditating, maybe over years or even centuries – there is a very definite sense of a sort of vibrant peace in such rooms.

    So when I come into the clinic in the morning, I come into that kind of atmosphere and this supports what I try to do with my patients. Maybe it is easier for people to heal in such a place; it is certainly easier to practice Chinese Medicine in such a place.”

    Vimala Prabha – Acupuncturist

    Gabrielle Gilmour“Working as an intern at The Sean Barkes Clinic, has not only allowed me to apply what I have learnt in university but taught me how to conduct myself in a professional work environment. During my time at The Sean Barkes Clinic I have had the opportunity to work with clients, dealing with client services and bookings. I have gained experience working directly with the Clinical Director as a mentor which has allowed me to develop my skills in a number of areas. I have taken on a number of projects, such as redesigning websites, analysing client reviews and marketing projects. I have created Google Adwords campaign, analysing the progress using Google Analytics, and worked with our social media accounts to improve the reach to potential clients. Not only has this internship allowed me to develop my business knowledge, it has also allowed me to learn skills on how to best present me findings to managers. This internship is not just making tea and cleaning, its about getting hands on experience and improving the business. I was given freedom working independently on projects, but was never thrown in the deep end. Sean mentored me on how to approach each project, with meeting every time I started work so I was clear on the tasks that needed to be completing. If I ever had a problem Sean was never too far anyway to help. Working independently give me confidence, knowing I was trusted to complete my work. Sean helped change the way I think, as often when I had a problem, despite knowing the answer, he would tell me to work it out for myself, as he knew by doing so I would be able to develop skills and knowledge.

    This Internship has allowed me to develop massively and my university work has never suffered. Sean was keen on me achieving a 1st as much as I want one, so if I was ever struggling with my workload, I was able to talk to Sean and reduce my hours. The rest of the staff at the Sean Barkes Clinic are friendly, and fun. During this internship I have found I get out as much as I put in and I would recommend this oppurtunity to anyone!”

    Gabrielle Gilmour – Business Intern

    If you would like to work as part of a team of highly skilled professionals…

    …who constantly strive to improve the service they provide through continual professional development; a team that supports each other, that shares ideas for improving their service and above all else a team that puts their patients at the very heart of their treatment.

    Then apply to The Sean Barkes Clinic using one of the following methods:




    01522 809371

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