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    Onsite Services

    For businesses wishing to approach staff welfare proactively by supporting their employees to maintain a good level of health, we can offer a range of in-house solutions, including:

    • Relaxing neck and shoulder massages for staff whilst they work, or in breaks
    • Practical workshops in T’ai Chi and Chi Kung (ancient forms of exercise known to promote relaxation and wellbeing and general health)
    • Short informal health assessments for staff wishing to discuss their health issues with a professional clinician.

    The Benefits

    Of course, the benefits of supporting staff welfare go beyond the financial savings of reduced absenteeism.

    If an employee’s physical health is in a state of equilibrium and they feel well, they are undoubtedly more productive, more creative and more emotionally balanced. Their morale is improved, team work is improved, and they feel valued by an employer who cares for their welfare, and supports them in addressing their health concerns. Their loyalty to the company is improved, and staff absenteeism and turnover (with its associated costs) is reduced.

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