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With the HSE estimating that sickness absence costs employers £495 on average per employee, per year in direct costs alone (source:, the personal health of employees is increasingly becoming a business critical issue.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a versatile healthcare solution proven by research to be effective in treating a wide range of health issues. We at The Sean Barkes Clinic are TCM specialists, and as a local business ourselves we are ideally placed to support your workforce to better health and you to better business.

The Issue : A Case Study

Clive works as a full time Caretaker at a company in the Lincoln area. He injures himself one day in the course of his duties. His employer has a sickness policy of paying employees at their full hourly rate during periods of sickness absence, up to a maximum period of 6 months. Clive is paid at a rate of £7.18 per hour (source:

Clive visits his GP and is prescribed a period of rest and over-the-counter painkillers. He is ultimately absent from work for 3 working weeks, and during his absence his employer must take on an agency worker to complete Clive’s usual duties.

The cost of Clive’s sickness absence to his employer breaks down as follows:

Sick pay: £7.18 ph x 37 hours pw = £265.66 per week (x 3 weeks) = £796.98

Agency costs: £8.25 ph x 37 hours pw = £305.25 per week (x 3 weeks) = £915.75


Now imagine the costs involved if Clive were to be absent from work for several months with anxiety and/or depression…

Our Solution

The example above is clearly over-simplified, based on average figures, and does not take into account indirect costs incurred by the employer e.g. the time taken to train temporary staff etc. However, Clive’s circumstances are not uncommon and pose a very real problem for employers. We feel that we can offer a very real solution to that problem.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a holistic form of medicine, and we aim to apply the principles of holism to all aspects of our business activities. We approach healthcare in a highly individualised way, and are able to tailor solutions to the needs of the business, and the patient, but there are three main ways in which we can support businesses in their welfare goals:

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