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    An Introduction to our Clinic

    The approach our clinic follows is to consider the patient’s symptoms within the overall context of the individual’s health. Therefore, not only will the patient hope to experience improvements in their main presenting condition, but also an overall sense of improvement in general well-being e.g. energy, quality of sleep, clarity of thinking and, therefore, efficiency. This is a central principle of holism and so any clinic that claims to practice holistic medicine, whether it is acupuncture or any other form of therapy, should follow this approach.

    Care of the patient starts as soon as they walk through the door. Our high quality clinic environment engenders a sense of tranquillity and relaxation, with attractive looking decoration and relaxing music relayed throughout the clinic. We have three treatment rooms, each with its own volume control so that each patient can have the music at a volume to their own preference, or switched off.

    We are Traditional Chinese Medical specialists and offer the full range of Traditional Chinese Medical therapies (acupuncture, herbal therapy, Chinese massage, Chinese dietary therapy, Chinese remedial and therapeutic exercise, moxibustion etc.)

    Some individuals feel more comfortable talking about their health with someone of the same sex, for example, if the problem relates to impotence or gynaecological conditions. Our clinic employs both male and female clinicians so that these patients are able to choose what they feel most comfortable with. Having multiple clinicians also allows for internal referral for second opinion and collusion in complex cases, giving patients the highest possible level of care.

    Our clinic is located in North Hykeham and is only a ‘stones throw’ from the A46 Lincoln bypass. We offer free off-street car parking on the premises, and the number 27 bus directly to Lincoln city bus station stops at the end of our driveway.

    View our location by going to Google Maps and typing in LN6 9AE.

    Why use our clinic?

    We have been established since 1999, providing our service to local people for over a decade. We have grown to be one of the largest specialist Traditional Chinese Medical Clinics in the UK. All our clinicians are educated to degree level and are full members of the British Acupuncture Councl (BAcC), the UK’s governing body for Traditional Acupuncture.

    Being a multi-practitioner clinic facilitates internal referral and professional collaboration, especially with complex cases.  This has allowed our clinicians to develop specialist skills, which means we can improve patient choice by offering a specialist in the appropriate field; paediatrics, geriatrics, cosmetic therapy, herbal medicine etc. As we have several clinician’s, we are there when our patients need us, offering day-time, evening and weekend appointments, home visits and appointments at short notice six days a week. We can often accommodate you with an appointment within an hour of you calling us.

    We invest in the personal development of our staff by providing programmed training and Continuing Professional Development opportunities for all clinical and support staff, ensuring the highest level of patient care. We have forged close links with the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) and the University of Lincoln to ensure that we are abreast of the latest developments in our industry and that we are able to select highly skilled clinicians to join our team.

    We offer both male and female clinicians for the improved comfort of our patients. Just tell us your preferences and we will make sure that you are matched up with a clinician that you feel very comfortable with.

    We recognise the importance of quality assurance, quality audit, service design, client-focused and practically oriented operations. We mould our service to provide you, the client, with the very best experience possible. And if we ever fall short of this, we are very open to hear your views and have systems in place to make sure improvements are implemented as appropriate.

    We are ‘The Heart of Holistic Healthcare’ in our catchment area and aim to incorporate the principles of holism in all of our operational activities. Put simply, we aim to help people feel better, achieve more and lead happier lives!

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